Monday, July 18, 2011

Shoe Challenge #141: Runaway Train

 What: Stephan jelly flats
Where: after lunch with the boy's parents, at the train station by our flat
Wearing: H&M pencil skirt (that I have had for AGES), Zara tee, Stradivarius v-neck sweater, H&M tights, Stradivarius bag, Six earrings
What a beautiful day Sunday was. Absolute perfection. I am such a summer gal, though days like these definitely do make me miss the beach. Or at least a nice (clean!) outdoor poor, perferably close to my place. (Growing up in Maryland with a pool right by the house was divine, I basically would spend the summer there, playing with my friends and my bro and sis.) Well, Prague is waaay different than Bethesda, Maryland was. Here one learns to be happy with JUST the sun (cause summer days like these are scarce.) I probably didn't have to wear the tighst but I love that they are the EXACT same color and shade as the shoes. Which remind me of slippers (in a good way). Yeah..

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