Friday, July 22, 2011

Shoe Challenge #144: Raining Cats and Dogs

 What: New Look heeled leather broques (bought in Paris)
Where: work
Wearing: Mango mini skirt, H&M tee, plus a bunch of layers not shown cause this is the coldest summer uggh.
 It's been raining non-stop for a couple of days and it frightens me to think how long this will continue (I need to be saving some shoes!) and given that most of my still-waiting-to-be-saved shoes are either open toes or suede, it's gonna be quite a challenge! Now these shoes, on the other hand, are not suede nor open toed so it was a rather easy decision to pick them (actually, I've been wearing them for a couple of days now but just never got to photographing them, cause besides my flat there really isn't any place to take photos when it's so horrible out.)
Anyways, New Look does some simple and nice shoes (occasionally) and though these weren't the cheapest (at something like 55 euro?, to be honest I can't remember) but I just had to have them. I'd buy more New Look shoes but was so dissapointed by their shipping prices and that t took them SO LONG to ship my order I think I'll only be buying in-store from now on. Given that there's no New Look stores in Prague it won't be that often (so only whilest on holiday, like these sweeties).
Anyways, now I gotta be off, umbrella and rain coat and all, xoxo.


Aline Chirinian said...

Love the shoes! There's no New Look store in Lebanon :( but there was one in Dubai when I lived there and AHHH it's one of my favorite stores!
Hopefully I can find a store while I'm on vacation :)

MsVeve said...

depends where you're headed:)