Sunday, July 17, 2011

Shoe Challenge #140: Braides, bows and polka dots

 What: Promod bowed flats
Where: work + shopping
Wearing: Bershka polka dotted dress, Promod bow belt, H&M sweater, Stradivarius bag
 Was in a matchy-miss-matchy mood Thursday and though I managed to pair things off quite well (the chrochet on both sweater and shoes, bows everywhere, browns and whites) the over all effect was meant to look a bit miss matched (with the polka dots and the braid etc.)
 I went shopping and got these really nice business pants at Zara and a shirt and a scarf. I love the summer sales at Zara, you can really get some bargains there! As for these shoes, they came via the Promod sale this summer and were a wonderful 70% off. The photo below is true to color.
Truth be told I am planning to get rid of some shoes that are either used-up or just blahh. Next weekend.. Hopefully!

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