Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Big Pig Post

A surprisingly large amount of people come to this blog looking for pig pictures. Don't get me wrong, I get it, I have a pig. But looking for pig cartoon pictures? Sorry, can't help you there. But for the pig lovers/ pig picture hunters out there, this post is dedicated to you.

This is Dracul, my pet pig. He is 3 years and two months old. I've had him for three years and one month. It hasn't all been good but he's my pet and I love him.Why hasn't it all been good? Well, for one thing, it's difficult having a pet pig. He gets bored easily when he's alone and he destroys things. He eats everything (like even things you wouldn't expect - like the kitchen floor), he eats clothes (my favorite sweater! R.I.P.), he eats paper (my creative writing essay - I swear, my pig ate my homework!). He attacked the refrigerator too many times to count and we had to put a chain and lock on it. Also, people's reactions tend to be either overly enthusiastic (following me around while I walk him, taking unwanted photos of him or me, stopping me to talk - this one's not so bad, petting him - this one depends, if they ask me and he's ok with it, I don't mind, but if they just do it, it's not really ok) or on the contrary.

I think my life would be a lot easier of I didn't have him but I made a commitment the day I took him in and unless something happens to change that (he goes nuts and attacks me or something), he's going to continue to be my pet living with me. There are definitely ups and downs when it comes to having him as a pet. He can be really sweet and I do love him. But as I said, it's complicated.
Dracul in his new room. Notice the walls are covered and so is the door. Necessary because of his attacks.

My boyfriend hates the pig (Dracul used to get up REALLY EARLY and start making noise - banging things around and basically screaming - to wake up the boy and to get his breakfast; and he destroys stuff) and also we used to live in a tiny tiny apartment. We moved and things have improved a bit - Dracul has his own room, for one thing. But Dracul doesn't like to be alone and so he has been attacking the door to his room. And he has been stealing stuff from the desk I have in his room and destroying/eating it all. Like he's eaten my notes for an upcoming exam and he destroyed this month's Burda sewing magazine. Bad pig!

You know that song about that lady that takes in a snake and then she takes care of it and then the snake ends up biting her and is all like "woman, what did you expect? I'm a snake!"?Yeah, so ok, I know he's a pig. Duh. But still, there are rules and he needs to start following them. Currently I have emptied out the desk I keep in his room so that he doesn't have the possibility to fuck up any more of my stuff. I left him some papers to play with and the bubble wrap. But no more important stuff or books. I'm quite sad about the books he's torn up.

Dracul on his bed. Tired after a day of destroying things... That's his bubble wrap beside him.

We moved last week and things have been tough on me. A lot of cleaning, getting the new flat prepared, the old one fixed up, oh and the boxes everywhere! But all-in-all, I'm glad we moved and hopefully Dracul will come to like his room and the parks that are here and hopefully we will make some friends (we had a lot of dog walking people and their dogs as friends in Nusle, where we lived before).

I'll leave you with a picture of me in my pig walking gear and the lobby of our new flat. Btw, mr. pig is behind me in the last picture. Can you see him? :)

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Pink Haired Princess said...

I could imagine looking after a pig would have it's difficult moments. I don't think I could do it (really couldn't handle my stuff getting wrecked), but then we've never really been much of a 'pet' family. I love pigs, but little ones, big ones are a little more scary : )

MsVeve said...

I honestly couldn't recommend having one unless you have LOADS of time and also space (and a garden - which I don't have but man, would my life be easier if I had one!).

And it does make me sad when he destroys my things but now that he has his own room things will be better:)