Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Shoes saved: Next ballerina flats with cross-over detail
Where: dinner with the boy*
Wearing: tezenis top, Motel pleated skirt

* I actually wore a different outfit when I went to dinner with the boy but then I only had this terrible photo (I wore yellow Asos tights, a yellow skirt from Zara, a vintage handbag, Zara long sleeved top and a Topshop coat) but since you can't see most of any of that on the photo, I thought I'd snap up a new picture with a plausible outfit of how to wear these shoes.

I bought these shoes during my Dubai vacation (when was that - like a year and a half ago?) and to be honest, they're really not the most comfortable flats that I own. I think I could have done with a size up or at least half a size as they do kind of squash my toes but they were the last pair and I fell in love with the cross-over detailing as they feel almost like real ballerina flats.

On a completely different note, I also saved a pair of hiking boots over the weekend. The boy & I and some friends of ours went mushroom hunting (yeah, this is actually a popular hobby in the Czech Republic, it was my first time btw.) You basically go off into the forest and look for edible mushroom, which you then dry or cook or whatever. I only included these shoes in the challenge as they were a gift from the boy and it made him happy that they were included in my shoe count (the list of shoes I own).

Salamon hiking boots. Wearing Mango jeans and a Gate sweatshirt and Loap jacket. Oh and my glasses (I only wear them for driving or going to the movies but obviously I needed them to be able to see the mushrooms.)

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