Monday, September 30, 2013

Shoe shoes shoes

As I mentioned in my last post, the boy & I finished the shoe room. It's a tiny room where one wall houses only shoes from top to bottom, start to finish, the other wall only half way (mid length), and in the back there's the closet that used to be in the hallway. I'll be posting about the room some more when I have better photos, but I wanted to show you at least something.

It was definitely hard to organize my shoes - I didn't really know how I wanted them but then I just went with it and here you can see the mid length wall with my favorite row (the Melissa shoes - mainly Vivienne Westwood for Melissa), in the row above are Melissa flats and below fun flats. In the photo above are fun heels and Iron Fist shoes. So basically, I organized the shoe room according to type and style of shoe. I tried to keep the fun shoes together, the black shoes together, ankle boots together, the Melissas, the Iron Fists, you get the idea. There's a row of black shoes with gold detailing that I also find very cute. More photos soon, I promise. For now (until I get home and to my camera) I'll leave you with two shoe saves.

Shoes saved: H&M leopard print converse-esque shoes with purple laces
Where: lunch & work today (Monday)
Wearing: it's gotten uber cold here! I'm layering like crazy: Mango jeans, vintage belt, Zara grandpa sweater, tezenis black undershirt, H&M red tee shirt, red pashmina, thrifted brown suede jacket, Zara city office bag

Shoes saved: New Look tartan print creepers (they really blistered my feet though so I'll never wear them bare foot again!)
Where: gift shopping for a friend's bday gift - Galerie Harfa; Friday before dinner (I can't believe it was so nice out and that's just a three day difference! Man, it's gotten cold!)
Wearing: Topshop cropped trousers, Zara tee, George sweater, Pull & Bear canvas tote (not pictured)


Pink Haired Princess said...

I love all the jellies lined up! I have no idea how I want to arrange my shoes, it's difficult to decide by colour, type, brand or a mixture of all that!

MsVeve said...

It was a hard decision:) How do you keep yours?