Monday, September 23, 2013

Some Serious Shoe Saving

Today, over the weekend and on Friday I managed to save quite a bit of shoes. I had originally wanted to save the more summery pairs but due to two factors that didn't really work out (1. the boy & I are renovating the shoe room so currently all my shoes are in huge chaotic piles and it's difficult to find the shoes I'm looking for and 2. the weather sucks). I hope my shoe saving stays this productive but I know that later in the challenge it gets harder and harder as the shoes you love are already saved and the ones that are left are usually difficult to wear. So I'm really trying to save some of the difficult ones from the get go to save myself some trouble later. We'll see how that'll work as the challenge goes on.

Shoes saved: Stradivarius sweatshirt material wedges
Where: Friday night drinks
Wearing: thrifted tweed coat, H&M turtleneck, Zara skirt, Asos Paris skyline tights*, Stradivarius studded bag

These were relatively easy shoes to save (they have a wedge but not a too tall one so are perfect when there's some walking involved) expect for one tiny factor: the outer layer is made from sweatshirt material which means they're not really for when it's too hot, but sweatshirt material isn't too good for rain either! However, Friday night was the perfect weather for these - coldish but dry.

* Sadly the tights ripped on the left leg on the sheer part. I think they're still wearable (depending on the outfit and thus visibility of the rip) but when I place my next Asos order (after my Karl shoes arrive) I'll definitely order another pair. I received many compliments on these tights and they're just so fun, love them!

Shoes saved: Asos sneaker wedges (according to this month's issue of Harper's Bazaar, sneaker wedges are out but like whatever HB, I love sneaker wedges and for on-and-off rain and/or when you're carrying a ton of things in your bag, they are the perfect shoes.)
Where: work (= carrying a ton of things in my bag) * this was from last week but I forgot to post the photo, but I wear these shoes a lot. I like them with skinny jeans and they're a nice way of wearing heels (well, wedges) without a fuss. Plus I like the combination of red and tan.
Wearing: Zara skinny jeans

Shoes saved: Asos Maddison pretty tie brogue
Where: food shopping (necessary activity that luckily calls for footwear. The shop isn't too far from the flat and so I can wear my less comfortable shoes. These shoes totally require more breaking in.)
Wearing: Zara skinny jeans

Shoes saved: Stephan pom-pom jelly flats, bought in Paris
Where: lunch at grandma and grandpa's
Wearing: H&M dress, opaque tights, also wore a lovely Liquor Brand bag in the same color as the shoes (sadly not visible in the photo though).

Love the pom-pom detail but these shoes are really not the most comfortable. Not intended for long walks but we went to my grandparents' house by car so it was ok. Also this was the only summery pair I saved this weekend, expect for these and the flats I wore today (last picture), all the shoes I saved have a more autumn attitude to them. Guess that means summer is over after all!

Shoes saved: New Look heeled leather brogues
Where: Friday night dinner with the boy's parents
Wearing: H&M trench coat (also wore the same H&M turtleneck and Zara skirt that's in the first photo - had this whole all-black outfit thing going on)

These shoes are perfectly fine but a bit on the boring side. They're just a simple pair of leather brogues with a sensibly sized heel - good for when there's a lot of walking involved and when it's rainy. But like I said, when you compare them to the rest of my shoes, they are a bit boring and so I don't really wear them that much. But that's the good thing about the challenge, it makes you pick shoes you wouldn't perhaps normally and so you don't just wear those few favorite pairs all the time but keep things interesting.

Shoes saved: River Island ankle boots with a gold zipper on the side, bought in Dubai
Where: work
Wearing: Zara pencil skirt, opaque tights

I wasn't worried about these shoes in the challenge because ever since I bought them during our Dubai vacation, they have become somewhat of a staple item. They are heeled but not outrageously, they go with short dresses as they do with pencil skirts, they go with pants or jeans (but I prefer them with dresses or skirts).

Shoes saved: Zara red flats
Where: out to lunch
Wearing: Mango jeans, Zara grandpa sweater, Zara trf red bag with cat buckle detail (not pictured, sorry).

These are the last shoes I'm showing you today. They're a simple pair of red flats that I bought ages ago at Zara. There's nothing I can really say about them other than I like the twist detail at the front of the shoe and red is one of my favorite shoe colors. An easy save.

Phew, that was a lot of shoes, right?! I had fun saving these and hopefully I'll manage to save some fun shoes during the week. This is the last week before Uni starts again, so I just have work to go to (but lugging my computer around isn't too fun - especially not when wearing heels). But I'll still try to save some of the harder to save shoes, so stay tuned and stay frosty (re-watching Generation Kill). I have to say, Brad is kind of dreamy...

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