Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Bit of Effort

So I said I'd try to save some fun shoes right? Looks like easier said than done! I went to the gym on Tuesday straight from work and was lugging my gym wear and my computer around so that meant I had to go with a sporty look (the last photo - comfy converse-esque Office studded shoes and some skinny jeans to go with my Adidas originals gym bag - actually not a gym bag but rather an over-sized bowling bag or something but I like wearing it to the gym) but I tried a little harder with today's outfit:

Shoes saved: Asos Mr. Tweed lace-up flats
Where: today to work
Wearing: Mango jean jacket, J Crew skirt, George sweater, H&M fake fur stole, opaque tights, Zara Office City bag 

I recon that a fake fur stole jazzes up any outfit (except a sporty outfit - definitely would not have gone well with Tuesday's look) and I love tweed and fur together. It's like British glamor or something. So it was at least some effort today, no? I even wore some eye make-up though you probably can't tell. Stupid phone photos and all. But can't promise nicer pictures until the boy FINALLY fixes up the shoe room (it's taking ages!). Enough complaining though, let's talk shoes. These flats are very comfy and I love the tweed bits. They remind me a little of school girl shoes, all proper but with a fun twist in the form of tweed. They're from Asos and were a very easy save.

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