Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Asos, Shoes and Problems

Today has definitely been a strange day. First of all I was waiting on two deliveries (one was the bday present I got the boy - a huge grill that he wanted, the other was an Asos order), and the delivery guy from the grill was supposed to call me yesterday to set a time when he'll be able to bring me the order. But of course he never called and I was supposed to go to work. The Asos delivery was supposed to arrive tomorrow but then I got an email that it was coming today between 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. (gee, couldn't you be a bit more specific?!). I ended up taking a day off and waiting for the orders. The grill arrived as planned and everything was as it was supposed to be.

The Asos order arrived also as planned BUT!! the main item of my order was missing!!! Now I don't know what happened (the paper document in the order stated that the Karl Lagerfeld heels that I ordered were in the order but they weren't), the package didn't seem to have been opened before (but then again, I was so excited that I didn't really check it out before I tore into the package. I have written Asos a message and I hope they'll get back to me soon. Because for me it was really a lot of money and right now I'm kinda broke so not only to have spent the money but have no shoes is just really really sad. That said I have seen the same shoes in an auction for an ok price so if Asos doesn't resend them I might get them from the aukro seller. Still, they better refund me or something.

UPDATE: Asos replied that they're sending me the shoes and they should be here in about a week! Hurray!

Now on a totally different note, not to be all negative, here's some pretty shoes that I wore today to lunch. (I had a better picture but my phone memory was full so it didn't save the picture so I had to erase some stuff and then take the picture again after lunch and it wasn't as good as the original but oh well. - seems today just isn't my day!)

Shoes saved: Zara two-tone brogues (I took out the laces and I think they look better this way. They're quite a tight fit so the laces were totally not needed.)
Where: lunch at the pizzeria next to our flat
Wearing: Asos dress, H&M polka dotted bag, H&M sweater, H&M tights

Above is a better view of the bag and below isa better view of the shoes :)

But since this post is called Shoes and Problems - I have to talk a bit about my current shoe problems. My biggest is shoe storage. On the right side you can see my shoe closet and I plan on renovating this room over the weekend. The boy & I will be adding fitted shelves across the little room in hopes of creating more space for my shoes. I'm also adding the closet that's currently in the hallway and the shoe boxes will be on top of the closet, the shelves will be on the side filling up the room. On the left you can see the shoes (plus one huge box that I didn't take a photo of) that didn't fit in the current shoe room. So, yeah, I have a lot of shoes. But not all of my shoes are nice shoes - some don't fit entirely right, some are really old and I should throw them out, some are really not shoes made for walking intended (though some are really pieces of art and I won't ever throw them away!) - and that's why I'm really glad I'm doing the shoe challenge again this year as I plan on either saving the shoes or letting them go (except for some exceptions - those are the shoes that are really art not shoes:). I'm also more careful with my buys as I only buy shoes that are truly unique now (or totally wearable - like shoes for a certain weather etc.) Actually, the shoes I saved today I thought that they wouldn't make it through the challenge. I remembered them being really uncomfortable but that wasn't the case today. I think that wearing them with tights definitely helped and maybe taking out the laces was a good idea:) I'm really happy that I saved them as I think they're quite cute. Anyways, that's it for today - till next time, xo, Miss V

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Pink Haired Princess said...

My shoe challenge definitely helped me get rid of unloved pairs and re-evaluate how I shoe shop. before I bought anything I liked, especially if they were cheap. Now I only buy those I really love or will get lots of wear from.

Love your outfit and 'phew' that ASOS sorted out your shoes!!