Monday, September 30, 2013

Today is Back to Reality

 Tomorrow is the start of a new semester and I'm hoping some things will change this year - I hope to finish all my pending exams from last semester (ops) and FINALLY start working on my thesis paper. I have the best topic so there's really no excuse! I'm also aiming to keep the flat neat and organized - which should be quite simple when I now have a shoe room!!! Yes, it's true friends, the boy & I finished the shoe room yesterday and I spent the rest of the day and this morning organizing shoes (about twenty pairs couldn't fit though so I'm now wondering what to do about that - I have one spot left so it's a bit Sophie's choice but y'know, it's just shoes). Pictured below is me on Saturday, when the boy & I went to Hornbach to buy the shoe walls (but they weren't ready so we only bought screws that day and the boy picked up the shoe walls the next day). It was funny cause we had this huge cart and only had the little box of tiny screws on it. Typical us.

Shoes saved: H&M pointy toed flats in bright pink - though I may be getting rid of these shoes anyway :/
Where: shopping for screws, Saturday morning
Wearing: Mango favorite jeans, vintage belt, H&M tank top, George sweater, vintage bag

I look weird because the sun was shining into my face full on so yeah. But still, great photo. Moving on - here's my shoe save from Friday's lunch. I don't have a full outfit photo so let's just talk about the shoes. I bought them ages ages ago (like even before I had this blog - so a really long time ago) in a Zara sale - I think this might have been my first ever Zara purchase! They're classic pointed toe courts with a small heel. Quite comfy. But dunno, they seem a bit too "grown up" for me. They have this serious aura even with the fun leopard print. I think I still have to grow into them but I'm glad I saved these anyway:)

Shoes saved: Zara pointy toe courts in leopard print
Where: out to lunch, Friday
Wearing: H&M trousers

I have two more posts for you today but for one it'll be a while as I left my camera at home and hadn't downloaded the photos from there yet, so one of the posts will be up pretty late I recon. So I'll leave you for now with a cute photo of Mr. and Mrs. Frog. You're welcome.


Pink Haired Princess said...

Pmsl at the screws on the trolley!

MsVeve said...

:)) the people at the check-out were looking at us really strangely :))