Monday, September 16, 2013

Transition Stage

Shoes saved: Zara green leather flats with bow detail
Where: work
Wearing: H&M knitted sweater, Zara cow head belt, Asos dress, H&M green tights (same color as the shoes!), Asos watch, Zara office city bag

Above you can see me posing on my balcony right before going to work. And in my hallway - that's my closet mirror. These pictures were taken on Friday but I hadn't had time to post them until now. The hallway definitely isn't the best place to take pictures as it is super dark there even with the lights on (we're planning on getting the lights changed) but I still haven't unpacked all the boxes (meaning no room to take photos elsewhere) so for now it had to do.

It has gotten quite cold and rainy here in Prague and truth be told, I was sorta freezing my ass off in this outfit. I thought the thick sweater would have been enough but no (it was enough for the balcony though! I guess balcony weather and real life weather are two different climates). That means it is officially "one more layer" time in the Czech Republic. It's the time for trench coats or double sweaters. Scarves and hats and gloves are soon to be on their way over too. It sucks that summer has ended but on the other hand, it's still better than winter, when the real cold sets in.

I'm glad I got to wear this sweater before it was too late as it doesn't really work with another layer on top. I like that it has pockets (always a plus). I love the detailing on the sleeves and the collar. And according to Harper's Bazaar I was right on trend (the Aran knit sweater was listed as number five in the top ten for Fall). Not that I really care about that sort of thing, but hey, if they agree with me than why not? :) In the photo above I'm posing with my favorite painting - my dad painted it and it means a lot to me that my dear parents let me take it with me when I moved from their house.

That was when I moved to the rented flat we used to live in, but now that I moved again, I gave the painting prime position in the hallway. If any of you have been wondering - I'm still in the process of unpacking boxes (basically only shoes are left unpacked). Which kinda sucks since my shoe closet is already full! We'll be reorganizing the shoe storage place this weekend and hopefully all of my beauties will fit!

On to the rest of my current saves:

Topshop creepers (worn with Mango jeans) - worn to walk the pig.

Iron Fist "Love Me Now" lace-up platforms - movie date shoes.

I bought these when they were on a special promotion (64% off on all platformed heels). In store they were okay to walk in but man! When I wore them during a date with the boy (we went to the movies to go see the movie Elysium) they were bloody awful! They killed my feet! (I guess they really are a bit too high - over 5 inches?) I only have a really crappy phone pic of my outfit but since I doubt I'll wear these platforms anytime soon (hey, they're already saved!) I'm gonna post it below: Zara dress, Zara grandpa sweater, Dior handbag, H&M tights, mad hair.

Zara gold detail flats - worn to work on Thursday. I wore a really "happy" outfit with these flats. Bright yellow tights (Asos), a colorful Topshop dress and my favorite (H&M) trench coat. It was rainy on this day and by the time I got home I was too messed up to take a proper outfit photo. That's why I usually rely on instagram for my shoe saves as it really is the easiest option.

Heart flats - worn to Sunday lunch with the boy's family. Worn with an old collar dress (think it's Bershka but not sure), thrifted vest, H&M tights, H&M belt from a different dress, Mango red bag. I felt like a mix of Wednesday Adams (what with the proper collar dress and all) and girly girl (all that red and the hearts on the flats). I really liked this outfit. Unfortunately I was running late (as usual) and only managed to snap these two pictures on the way to the boy's parents' flat.

But anyways, I'm glad I managed to save the shoes and that I put at least some effort into my outfit. I've been so lazy lately and have decided to put an end to not putting enough thought into my daily outfits. It's simple things that make a difference in the end result. Because if you like your outfit and feel good about how you look, you're bound to feel good in general and have an over-all better time.

Anyways, I've got to go now and get some work done but I hope I'll see you soon, what with the shoe challenge and all (that means more lovely shoes and daily adventures). Till next time, xo, Miss V


Pink Haired Princess said...

I really love that last outfit and the cow belt is awesome too.

MsVeve said...

Thanks! :) The belt was a sale find this summer but it needed a little fixing (needed to make an extra hole).