Friday, January 24, 2014


As I've mentioned before, going back to blonde has also helped me get back to having fun with fashion. I used to wear the weirdest things haha and you know what? I've missed that. I've been going too casual with my dark hair and it's been a bit boring. But I'm back. Be prepared for some weird y'all.

Shoes saved: Carvela Stud Jelly Flat Shoes bought via Asos
Wearing: vintage rabbit fur coat DIYed into vest (hey, it's vintage), Reserved sweater, H&M studded bag, Asos mustard yellow tights, Zara leather shorts

My outfit was pretty out there but I think it was still very wearable. I have had that fur vest/coat for ages and have never really worn it out (if you don't count pig walking and I don't). I thrifted it and I loved it but it had these horrendous shoulders, yikes. I decided to cut the arms all off and make the coat into a vest and I'm glad I did because I'm sure I'd never wear the coat as it was. Anyways, I'm glad I finally wore it out and I think it goes perfectly with that sweater.  

Now the shoes, I had a bit of a problem getting these shoes as they got lost in the post but Asos was great and they resent them and I'm so happy. Now, remember my ordeal with Topshop?? Not so happy with them, part of my order was MISSING and nothing is being done about it. I got an invoice for two pairs of shoes that were NOT in my parcel and I wrote Topshop right away - I mean I spent 40 pounds on these shoes so I was a bit what's going on - and it took AGES for me to get ANY reply and then the reply I got was to wait and see what will happen and if anything will happen. Whaaaat. Yesterday I got a new message asking for me to write them the order number and the item codes of the missing items (all of which I wrote in the first email I sent them - obviously!). This is SO FRUSTRATING. So I am missing two pairs of shoes that I paid for and basically I can go fuck myself. Seriously Topshop? This is how you treat online shoppers? Well, never again. I will never order anything on the Topshop website, their stores are awesome and I love the brand but online shopping? I can't recommend it!

Now with that off my chest, I can get back to my usual blogging. Saving shoes.You know, the ones that I actually have. Not the ones that I pay for and they never arrive. Okay, okay, so I'm not over it. Sue me. It pisses me off that the customer services aren't what I expected at all. But for now I'll leave it and let's talk shoes. Pretty shoes.

These Carvela flats are super cute and I love the studs although I realize that you can't really see the details in the outfit photos. That's a shame, well, at least the product shots give you some idea. The shoes are comfortable enough although they're much harder than I expected (I'm used to Melissa jelly shoes). And they kind of slide on certain surfaces but otherwise I really like them. I should get some good wear out of them come Spring/Summer but I couldn't wait that long and had to wear them now. It's snowing but we took the car so it was all good. I'm off now to get some work done, see you next week with more shoe saves and maybe some make-up reviews. Mwah.

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Pink Haired Princess said...

That's terrible about topshop, they have to do something. Replying to emails in a timely manner would be a start!! I didn't realise these shoes had studs, like you say , you can't really see them in the photos.