Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pink Lemonade

Sometimes I get inspired by other bloggers and what they do with their blogs. I have one amazing blogger friend that I particularly envy for her superb shoe and make-up collections and she has this ongoing lipstick challenge that I've been thinking about copying joining for a while now. I feel that now I'm even more interested in make-up than I've ever been before, and I've been into make-up for a long time...

So what's the lipstick challenge and how does it work? Well, I'll first just sum up what the lovely Pink Haired Princess does and then I'll get to what I'll be doing (it'll be similar but a bit different). Basically, Gemma wears one lipstick every week in order to get more wear out of her collection, she posts a picture of said lipstick on the sidebar of her blog and she wears that lippy in her posts that week.

I think that's great but I'm new to beauty blogging (actually just got started this month) and I've realized today that taking detailed pictures of my face, well, it's certainly more difficult than I anticipated! Now then, how will my lipstick challenge work? I will be posting some close-ups of my face (sorry, haha) although it might not be in every post that week. And I won't be posting a picture of the lipstick on the sidebar (too lazy) and rather I'll just have a photo of the lipstick in all of the posts of that week. There's really no rules to my challenge other than wearing one lipstick per week (I can mix them up with other lippies or glosses too) and documenting it (taking close-up photos of the lipstick and of myself wearing it - there's the real challenge, ha). I'll have to think up of a system so that I don't repeat but I don't think that should be too hard. And there's no penalties or getting rid of the ones I don't use, nothing like that, this is all just about fun and getting more wear of out products and documenting it. Let's begin, shall we?

Lipstick Challenge #1: L'Oreal Pink Lemonade Sheer 112

I wanted to start with a very special lipstick for me because well, the first one ought to have some meaning right? Well, you might not believe but, this is the first lipstick I ever bought. Yup, I got it over ten years ago! I think I was about twelve or thirteen (?) and I remember buying it. I was on vacation (well a working vacation, my parents don't do holidays, workaholics to the core) in Puerto Rico and I convinced my mom to get it for me. I was so happy with it too. And I think I also got one lip gloss. Anyways, I'm not sure about the year because we went to Puerto Rico three times (at the time my parents were working on jelly fish and we went there to catch them). Anyways, I love this lipstick but sadly L'Oreal doesn't make it anymore (I've been looking for a replacement for ages but nothing comes close - although that may have to do with the memories more than with the lipstick, I'm sentimental).

What you see it all that I have left :/ so there's really very little of it now, thus I'm happy to have started this week late and that I won't have to waste the lovely product. I save it for special times. Today I'm just wearing it to start the challenge and I'm just going to the shop to buy some food, not very exciting, I know. But I've got an exam coming up and don't have time to go anywhere special... As for the rest of my make-up, I'm wearing L'Oreal Nude Magique BB cream instead of foundation, Catrice allround concealer in pink instead of blush (I have this thing that I tend to experiment with make-up and see if I can use a product more ways than intended), I'm wearing that same pink concealer as an eyeshadow base and on top a Topshop eyeshadow from a kit I bought two years ago. And that's it - I'm too lazy for mascara if I'm not going out so I just tend to skip it during the day. I really hope you enjoyed this post and let me know what you think and stop by Gemma's blogs to see what inspired me. Until next time, mwah!


Pink Haired Princess said...

This is so fabulous, I'm so glad you're doing the challenge and thank you for such a lovely mention. I keep intending to do a summary each week with photos and how I mixed the lipstick with glosses/other lipsticks/liners but with all the other stuff I do, I never have time. I'm starting a new beauty feature this week...stay tuned!

MsVeve said...

Thank you:)) I love your new feature and can't wait to see more!