Friday, January 10, 2014

Remorse? Nope, This is What Needed to be Done.

 I'm a little sad about this shoe save because although I had saved these shoes, I have since exchanged them for something else. The thing is, somehow, these shoes just weren't me. And they weren't that comfortable. And I basically knew I would hardly ever wear them (just liike once a year in order to save them in a challenge or something like that).

So instead of them taking up space in the shoe room (and there is no space in the shoe room), with a heavy heart, I let them go. I was almost on the verge of keeping them anyways, but I already had a buyer for them and so off they went today. It's always hard for me to get rid of stuff but shoes especially. It's like they're not just things to me but more. Anyways, I hope they'll have a happier home (get worn loads) now and at least I did save them once and I can look back at these photos and be like, I once had these shoes. So without further ado, here are the photos from last weekend.

 Shoes "saved": Asos Muddle Western flats
Worn on: 5th of Jan, Sunday lunch
Wearing: H&M mama coat, River Island scarf, Zara miniskirt, long sleeved top, Zara knitted vest

When I look back on these photos I'm thinking you know, those were cute shoes, but all-in-all I'm glad I let them go. And that's the thing, you can save shoes and still - or rather in the process - find out that those shoes aren't for you. I mean, I might have loads of shoes that I don't wear too often but if I love them, I'm keeping them!And that's the whole point of the challenge for me - to go through my shoes and enjoy having them. But honestly, there's no way I'm getting rid of shoes that I love.

 Anyways, with that said, this basically means that I no longer have any really Western shoes! Gasp! I need some cowboy boots, seriously. But I haven't come across ones I love yet, I'll keep you posted.

I think that these just weren't Western enough. But I liked that they were black and white and not full on boots but rather ankle boots.They definitely had potential. I have one more save for you from the beginning of the week. Wore them to work, you seen these before (they're from River Island). Oh and it was a really muddy day.

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Pink Haired Princess said...

Yeah I always find it hard to let go of shoes too. It helps if they photograph really badly on the blog (!) because you think they look like crap and the decision is made. They rarely do though!