Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Brightening My Winter

I thought I'd post this on Monday but I didn't manage it. Over the weekend M and I went to the movies to see the Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I quite liked the movie though I have some minor issues with it: a) it was too long and there were a bunch of scenes that could have been left out b) all of the Hobbits films could really have been one film instead of three - or at least just two (skipping the first one) c) there really was no need for the cinema to schedule a break in between the movie, it's long but it's not that long d) I kinda sympathized with the dragon. Otherwise it was an enjoyable night and I was glad to get to save some shoes!

Shoes saved: H&M black wedges (I've had these for ages)
 Wearing: Asos green coat, Zara Woman bright yellow miniskirt (a favorite), Zara TRF skull sweat shirt, Promod lace top, F&F super warm tights, H&M studded bag, Promod earrings, Asos watch

Before I get to the shoes or the outfit, I had to share these two sort of unrelated photos. Above, this completely ridiculous photo of M and I. I was taking a selfie (and you know how bad I am at that) and he photobombed me while driving. His facial expression kills me. Below, a wine I saw and am dying to try out. I mean, common, it's called FAT bastard. And it has a hippo on the cover, must be good, right? Anyone ever try it?

Back to the exciting stuff. Yeah... This was one of my favorite outfits that I worn over the past few weeks. I love the miniskirt, it has the most lovely color ever. And I love a green coat. I kept the rest of it more neutral with blacks and greys and I think the outfit really worked. I love the idea of wearing happy colors in the winter but usually I just wear black, so I was super happy with  myself here.

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