Friday, January 17, 2014

A Strange Coat and a Stranger Hat

This is really more of a files of new than a shoe save post but what the heck, why not right? A few days ago I thrifted this totally warm and completely Russian vibe coat. It's from Mexx and to be honest I do feel a bit strange while wearing it but it's coat and I just need to style it differently.

Shoes saved: thrifted and DIYed leather boots (I shortened them)
Wearing: Mexx thrifted coat, Mango jeans, Promod turtleneck, H&M studded bag

 I'm kinda thinking I might get rid of these shoes even though they are now officially saved.I just don't like them that much but again I think it might be due to styling and I'll give them one more shot. I wanted to share one more photo with you in this post and it's from yesterday while I was walking Mr. Pig. Do I look like those Brit soldiers that guard Buckingham Palace? :))

Wearing: Topshop fake fur hat, Zara Woman coat, Bershka cropped jeans, H&M knitted legwarmers, Zara TRF chain detail flat ankle boots

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