Thursday, January 9, 2014

Juicy Gummies

First off, I no longer have this hair color. Yesterday I visited my hairdresser and after ages (4 and a half hours to be exact) we were done. I'm now way more blonde. I'm actually not that pleased with the results but that's for a different post.This post will be about last week and some shoe saving.

After half a day at work I met up with my bestie and we went shopping, well more like window shopping, as neither one of us bought anything. Then we went to my flat and she had a latte (my sis got me suuuuuuch an awesome Christmas gift) and read Elle magazine while I walked the pig and then later we had pink champagne and gossiped. Was a great night. Then M and I walked her to the bus stop and then we bought more champagne (but the store ran out of pink, boo) and these perfect fruity sour sweets called Juicy Gummies or something like that. I love them because they aren't made from gelatin but from fruit. You'd be surprised how many sweets are made from gelatin - I'm not a complete vegetarian (I eat fish and sea food and once in a while chicken) but ick, gelatin just seems so gross. Anyways, back to the shoes saved and the clothes, yeah?

Shoes saved: Asos creepers in grey
Wearing: Zara Woman winter coat, Pull & Bear overall playsuit, some top, Pull&Bear black sweater, red pashmina

 I love this playsuit - it's super comfy and I think it's cute too. It can be a bit difficult to think up of what to pair it with but I think it works best with a tight top and a neutral (black) sweater. Oh and tights! I love a short shorts and opaque tights look so obviously I love a playsuit with some tights too. This post is more photo heavy than usually since I couldn't withhold these epic photos of me taking off my hair band. So much action. Plus they show off that playsuit so well. Eh, whatever.

And since I brought up the topic of food  and what I eat and don't eat, well, I have to mention the dinner M and I made over the weekend. Best. Food. Ever. Introducing spinach spaghetti with Parmesan cheese and cheery tomatoes and home made pesto. Oh my goodness, it was this good! I could honestly eat this all the time. 

I'm off to try to study write an essay okay okay watch project runway all stars. I'm quite excited as I have been rooting for Elena for ages and she's in the finale!! See you tomorrow with some more shoes, bye!

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