Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Favorites

Although I have loads of favorite shoes (I have loads of favorites of everything), I only have a few winter suitable favorites. Winter just isn't my season. That said, these next shoes are definitely winter favorites hands down. I love these shoes. They are comfortable enough and I think they are super stylish. I also love that they can be styled three ways (you can either fold them completely over, or fold them over leaving part up - that's how I usually wear them, or you can have them all up).

Shoes saved: Gamloong shearling detail fold-over ankle boots
Worn on: last Monday (6.1.) shopping trip*
Wearing: H&M coat, H&M studded bag, Reserved mini skirt, vintage sweater, H&M opaque tights

*bought the cutest white leather motorcycle jacket at Zara (amazing quilting detail, will show you once it's Spring, promise)

I looked through the blog but couldn't find their last year's shoe save (I didn't look too thoroughly though and yes, I do the challenge every year) but I did find the year before and the post when I bought them. Man time flies!

Below is another example of when I wore these shoes this year - I think I mentioned it, saying that I wanted to get better pictures and this photo below was all I had at the time. But anyways, it goes to show that I do wear these shoes a lot and if you check out the older posts you can see that they go equally well with jeans as they do with short skirts. I love a versatile shoe...

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