Friday, January 3, 2014


Hey everyone, how was your New Years? M and I stayed home and comforted the pig, who was all crazy from the stupid fireworks. I hope one day they ban the fireworks people can buy because it honestly just makes a mess in the city and all the animals are so scared. Some of the idiots who live in my apartment complex launched their fireworks from their windows or from the parking lot and it went into other people's windows, there are no words. Anyways, besides this, I had a nice relaxing evening drinking rose champagne and watching movies. I'm sorry for not blogging, I was just too lazy. But I have managed to fit in a few shoe saves so there's at least that. I'll be posting them today so stay tuned!

Shoes saved: H&M ankle boots with shearling detail
Worn on: Monday Dec 30th
Wearing: Zara Woman coat, United colors of Benetton scarf, Zara Woman mini skirt, Reserved sweater, H&M studded bag, Promod earrings

These shoes are very comfortable because they have a super thick sole. They are the closest thing I have to hiking boots (except for my hiking boots haha). Anyways, I wore them out to do a spot of shopping and I only managed to get the following: a bottle of wine (hey, there was a pig on the bottle! A pig wearing a red jumper no less.. ), a pair of cutesy hair pins that were on super sale and my dinner (that's what's in the paper bag) - Mexican tortilla, some nachos with a spicy dip and grapefruit flavored Jarritos - the best soft drink ever!!

I haven't really gotten into the post-holidays shopping mood and that's so strange for me because every year I score some amazing things but this year I'm more bothered than ever by the crowds and I guess I'm still waiting for further sales (I'm talking to you, Zara.) I mean I still love shopping but I don't need all the stress of people frantically trying to score the best deal. Plus I kinda hate trying on clothes in the winter - you have on all those layers and that bulky winter coat and then it's hot inside the store, so you take half the stuff off only to have to put it on again = hell. That said, I think I might you look inside Zara today once again because there's this midi length skirt I've had my eye on...

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