Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Korean Love

Hey guys, I know I said I wouldn't be posting much but I wanted to share this fun post with you in between my studies. I mean, Medieval literature needs a bit of lightening up. Seriously.

I'll start with a fun pair of shoes I wore not long ago. Sadly, I didn't write down when it was I wore them or where to, but these are some comfy cute shoes from Iron Fist and I love the quirky print. They're called "Glamour Guts". Anyways, I knew it wouldn't be hard to save them in the challenge since I basically wore them as soon as I bought them (always a sign the shoes were a good buy). So anyways, per tradition:

Shoes saved: Iron Fist Glamour Guys lace-up shoes

More than a shoe save post, this is really a pretty things post or a Files of New post. I've been buying some make-up (and spending a bit too much so next month I have to tone it down). I have fallen in love with Korean make-up. They have the cutest packaging and the lipsticks and lip balms also smell so good. It's literally addictive! You see that little guy in the middle? Little pink dude with the bunny ears is from Tony Moly and he is the Petite Bunny Gloss Bar. Very cute. And I love the color (more on that in a latter post!)

Next up, okay so I FINALLY got myself some Nivea Lip Butter. Ever since Kristina mentioned it on her blog, I have wanted it. It wasn't available in any stores though but luckily I found it online. I'm so happy about this product, it smells so lovely and feels really good on. I've always been a Nivea fan so it makes me very happy when they come out with a great product and I'm really pleased with this one!

Let's get back to Korea, shall we? Next I got "Nature Flower Lip Stick" from Apieu. The photo above (as most of the photos, it's from my instagram, follow me please! I like to use the A Beautiful Mess app for photo editing but honestly, I expected a bit more from it, some of the free apps available are actually a bit better and this is a paid app, I just use it because well I bought it so I better use it, right? Now, back to the lippy..) doesn't do the lippy justice. It looks SO GOOD on, you wouldn't believe. I'm planning some more make-up posts soon so you'll definitely be seeing it! As I've mentioned, it also smells delicious and the packaging is quite cute.

Now, on to my new favorite lipstick: Sweet Recipe "Dear My Jelly Lips-talk" from the Korean brand Etude House. Oh my goodness, this is one amazing lipstick! The box was super cute but then you take the lippy out and things get even cuter! Again it smells nice and the color is just the best coral ever. Perfection. I am now a huge huge huge fan of Etude House and will definitely (once I have some spare cash) be buying more products!

I bought one more product from Etude House and it was their "Oh! M' Eye Lash" (what a perfect name for a mascara). I've tried it out once so far and have been very happy with the results. I'm not much of a mascara girl (I am super lazy to take it off so I usually just go without) and taking this baby off wasn't the easiest but when I had it on, my eyelashes looked really good and I have some short stubby lashes, believe me.

I really have to run now but I wanted to show you one last photo and it's of my lipstick drawer. It's getting kinda crowded in there!

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Pink Haired Princess said...

Korean makeup is just the cutest!