Monday, October 3, 2011

200 Eliza

 What: KG Eliza block heels
Where: movie night at cinema city Angle
Wearing: Next dress, Zara sparkle belt, Stradivarius jacket, Mango bag
It's been 200 pairs of shoes since the beginning of the shoe challenge, a bit of a wow moment, right? Or perhaps not. Anyways, I ordered these shoes sometime at the beginning of the year? And they have been patiently waiting until now to be worn. I was saving them for some special event but everyday is a special event right?? And I love Kurt Geiger shoes too much not to save them.. Anywyays, so Saturday night I took them to the cinema and then to a bar. And honestly I thought they'd be a bit more comfortable but instead, my feet were killing me?! Well, I shouldn't have been surprised since there's no platform and the heel is quite high.. Here's a close up of the shoes:
 today was the first day of back-to-school.) it's good to be back..

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