Monday, October 24, 2011

MsVeve Everyday

I missplaced my shoe challenge list so decided to just go ahead and wear already saved shoes with a comfortable "all day" outfit perfect for the cold weather and a horribly long day at uni. Plus I have P.E. on Mondays. (The point of having to go to P.E. even whilst studying at a university is beyond me. I hate P.E., or actually not the class itself but the lugging around of my gym clothes and shoes all day, uggh! Notice HUGE bag..) Anyways, since this here is a uni outfit, ehm, "works cited": Zara trf jeans, Promod scarf, Stradivarius brogue boots, Pussy Deluxe bag, Asos watch, thrifted earrings, Cama. coat et. al.

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