Monday, October 17, 2011

A bit of the blahh

Some mornings I get up and am so inspired for what to wear that getting dressed takes about two minutes and it's all good. Other days I am in such a funk that I end up sitting by my laptop in bra and undies and staring out the window. So, guess which day it is? Yeah, that's right.. The problem today seems to be that a) I have P.E. in the afternoon and kinda have to leave straight from school to get there in time so won't have time to swing by the flat, b) it's fucking cold out, c) I was in the mood for thick tights and a skirt combo but that's out of the question due to problem a). Most of my jeans are dirty from Mr.Piggy's on-going quest to destroy all my things. (So are my gym pants but that's a minor issue, I can't get excited about gym clothes..) 

 Anyways, so here's what I put together: my favorite Pull&Bear leatherish trousers, H&M thick wooly socks, Zara boots, H&M studded belt, H&M studded tee, H&M sweater, gifted Citizen watch.

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