Tuesday, October 18, 2011

209 More wintery shoes.)

 What: Asos Aspen Lace-Up Duck Boot
Where: school and then work
Wearing: H&M tights, H&M trench coat, H&M black mini miniskirt, Zara black tee, Zara red V-neck sweater, Topshop bag, Zara leo print scarf, Asos watch, Six earrings in teh shape of an ice cream cone, Kindle e-reader plus a Piglet phone cover:)
These photos were taken in a huge hurry in the early morning right before leaving for uni class. Notice I haven't done my hair. It's a bit of a miracle that I did manage to do my make-up.. Tuesdays are really hectic for me cause I start early AND I have three double lessons in a row with no breaks between and in different buildings so it's madness. This madness translates into having to wear shoes with on heel (I have to run on cobble stones - ok, so not run but walk, but that's abd enough!). Today witnessed the introduction of my Aspen Asos boots, I love how quirky they look. And they are super comfy and warm. Which is actually a bit unnecessary now that it's afternoon and the sun has come out, but will be quite handy once I head home from work and it'll be dark again. Anyways, I have some translating to do and so on so forth, so with that I bid you a gorgeous stress-free Tuesday and toodles.

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Eli'sVanity said...

How does the shoes fit you? Are they true to size?