Thursday, October 6, 2011

Fashion for fashion with a no save twist

You may or well may be be surprised but this isn't a shoe save. This is not a shoe save. This is a half-arsed what-I-wore-to-nowhere post. (Or well not nowhere but to work, same thing.) I've saved these shoes before, they're simple canvas flats in red-polka dot. Here's the link: Anyways, I was gonna wear my favorite jeans but the zipper broke (durr, seem to be having a problem with that lately haha) so I decided to be my weird self and wear sumemr jeans instead.
tada! So anyways, I skipped school today (naughty naughty) and instead just chilled at home and youtubed season 7 bones promos and other videos. I honestly cannot wait for the new season! Bones/Brennam pregers and still working, then Bones & Booth having their baby girl.. will surely add up to some good eps. I should be studying (have loads loads to do) but I'd rather be slacking off today! (and instead of reading what I should be reading, I'm into Bukowski's Pulp. Bit weird but still really good..)

maybe a shoe save coming your way soon, no promises thou :P


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