Tuesday, October 25, 2011

214 Dress Up

 So these are the Sergio Rossi shoes I blogged about this afternoon, I wore them to uni and then to work. They seem a tad too long but on the other hand I like that they're quite unique. Hmm. I wore them with: F&F tights, Bershka sweater dress, H&M elbow patch sweater (not shown), Topshop dog buckle leather belt and my lovely Topshop bag. 
I picked up my favorite jeans from my seamstress and chnage my outfit a bit. Here you can see me wearing my Zara jeans and Zara coat (with a lovely hood btw). Which you do like better? With dress or with jeans? (I think I prefer the jeaned version, more casual and less like a costume..)

 *somehow I lost the pictures of me wearing the shoes so here's a snap of the shoes themselves - at least something..

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