Tuesday, October 11, 2011

205 DIY: the dress that wants to play

So this is a shoe challenge post as well as a DIY post for EBEW. And no, I did not make the shoes, ha. The shoes are: Zara Woman (and are very Sex and the City-ish, no? You know the pair I have in mind dontchya..)
I'm wearing: a DIY dress that used to be a Zara playsuit but was cropped and also fitted. Plus I colored my own hair, that's got to count for something.
The procedure is very simple, take your ugly playsuit and a pair of scissors and well, cut where you want your new dress to end. The length depends if you're gonna hem it or not, I didn't because I'm so rock'n'roll (=lazy). If you need to fit it well that's also simple, simply pin it in and then use your sowing machine (or like in my case, borrow the sowing machine from your Granny. Cause that's definitely rock'n'roll.)

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