Sunday, October 16, 2011

208 True Uggs

 What: Ugg Australia boots
Where: work
Wearing: Reserved leo print tights, H&M Divided skirt, H&M hat, H&M sweater, Stradivarius jacket, Zara scarf
 When the honest to goodness cold weather comes, the Uggs come out. Now I believe when styled right, even Uggs can look cute. (Thou the same CANNOT be said about Crocs - I hate crocs and people who wear them definitely get some minus points in my book.) I own quite a few knock-off Ugg boots (mostly from the likes of Topshop and H&M) but these authentic Ugg Australia boots are by far the warmest and most ugg-ish (I was goona write ugg-ly but yall would have had a missunderstanding there..) and thus perfect for the cold weather.. This jacket however is not and so I ended up freezing everywhere except for my feet. I was gonna wear different shoes but someting happened. Ok, so a few days ago my Asos River Island ankle boots arrived (that the Boy ordered for me) and finally as it wasn't raining I was gonna wear them, but then I noticed that they were TWO LEFT SHOES instead of one left and one right shoe. Grrr. Will have to send them back:/ And I absolutely hate going to the post. So anyways, I had to choose dif. shoes and so it was the Uggs that got their chance..
Later we went with the boys family to the hospital to look at the boy's neice (his bro's daughter, who was born on Friday night). A lovely little girl, I got to hold her too:) She is adorable and sweet and a darling addition to the family. Welcome Justina!

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