Wednesday, October 26, 2011

215 fun and fearless

 What: H&M shearling detailed lace-up ankle boots
Where: uni
Wearing: Topshop leopard print coat, Zara red sweater, Zara jeans, Topshop studded headband, no name brand white tee, also my favorite Topshop bag (not shown)
 Because as always the images via my cam. aren't perfect and you can't really see the shoes, I popped by the H&M site and am thus using their product photo above. Yes, these are the shoes I'm wearing (btw, I first tried to find them on the Czech H&M website but no go and then I tried the UK site and wowsa, they have like 5x as many shoes on there, not to mention cheaper too. Drrr, living in Prague definitely has it's limitations!). They are super comfy and I highly recommend them. If you can't find them online I'd recommend giving a try in stores, I know I saw them in one H&M shop in Prague last week so they still have them, I reckon.

Since my camcam takes such uninteresting photos I tried to liven things up today and added some color via Photoshop (I hope to get better at photoshopping and adding fun little details. I don't alter me in the photos, just the backgrounds.Also I'm trying to hind the mess.. Ehm.) I realized that these aspects are the things that grab my attention on other blogs and I want to put more effort into mine, at least like this. Hope you enjoy, xoxo.

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