Thursday, October 13, 2011

207 Scoring ha!

 What: Zara pointy toe nude heels
Wearing: Dunnes dress that I thrited AND DIYed into a skirt (that's gotta be a two point bonus), H&M shirt I've had for ages and H&M belt that I got from the Boy
Playing around with contrast and lighting to make up for crap camera. Not fooled? Oh well, gave it a shot. I thrifted this dress that I turned into a skirt today, I love thrifting - especially since I can have some DIY fun with thrifted items that I'd be afraid to fuck up damage if I had bought them regularly in store. Yeah. 

So that's the story behind the skirt, the shoes are a pair I bought sometime last year and when I was on a mad nude court search at the time, (for me it's really hard to find a good nude shade since am uber pale) and happily found them for a good price at trusty Zara.)

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