Friday, October 28, 2011

217 Tintin

 What: H&M furry pom-pom ugg boots
Where: Novy Smichov cinema
Wearing: H&M tights, thrifted skirt (New Look-may or may not be a tube top?), H&M black oversized tank top, Zara tee, H&M striped sweater, Zara tweed jacket, Promod shawl (with pom-poms.)),Topshop bag, H&M red headband
 Ok, so I had a LOT of layers on, but seriously, it's been COLD out!! So out came the uggsies. (BTW I had like no idea what to wear and I had like 5 minutes to get dressed to make it in time for dinner and then the movie so that should explained everything...)
We went to see the Tintin movie and I LOVED it! It's completely awesome and I now want a small white dog :D Hope your weekend's good (today's a state holiday here so it's the weekend already.) and see yall on Monday (or maybe earlier, who knows.) Xoxo, MsVeve

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Thick Threads said...

hey cool! i want to see that movie too. glad to hear it was good :) im excited to watch it :) you looked great btw :)