Monday, December 30, 2013

Ladies Who Lunch

 Over the weekend I saved a very difficult pair of heels. Remember these killer heels? I had the perfect opportunity to save them as I had a lunch date, to which I was driven to and then home. But gosh, I have either really gotten unused to high heels or these shoes are really killer, because a) I could hardly walk in them to the restaurant and back to the parking space and b) my feet were killing me. But I guess I'm glad I saved them in the challenge? I mean, okay, so there really isn't a point in having shoes that are quite literally unwalkable BUT they are quite pretty and maybe once I get used to heels again... (the last time I wore really high heels was two weeks ago and those were wedges) and if the cobble stones disappear from the streets in Prague, they will be the perfect shoes haha.

Shoes saved: Gamloong lace-up ankle boots (dark green suede)
Wearing: Zara Woman coat, United colors of beneton scarf, H&M studded bag, I was also wearing my favorite sweater from Reserved and a miniskirt from H&M

As you can see in the post that I linked above, the last time (actually the only time) I wore these shoes was over a year ago. Well at least this time I didn't fall in them! That last picture I'm just really happy to be almost home.

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Pink Haired Princess said...

I sometimes get like that too, my feet get lazy from lower heels or not wearing shoes and I struggle to walk when back in high heels. They look fabulous though!!