Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Another one about my holiday

But possibly the last so yall can be at ease! Anyways, so my vacationing fashion was all about swim suits, white tops and short comfy mini-skirts, capri pants and shorts. I had two LBDs with me and could have so used some more evening attire but sadly the airlines are quite strict with their weight limits and all, I'm always paranoid and end up packing too little. (Cause I pack too much and then re-pack a number of times...) Anyways this time around I packed quite right, could have used a dress and a top more but all in all, I was rather satisfied. Oh my big beautiful sun hat got totally ruined. It no longer holds shape and it's so dirty! I'll still try to fix it up a bit but am almost convinced it's a cause of DNR. Anyways I have a ton of pictures (if you have me on facebook, you know:)) and this is just a tiny selection.

From top to bottom: black Zara dress, Calzedonia swim suit, Zara white tank top with Guess shorts, white H&M shirt with Vero moda bag and Pull&Bear skirt and last is Zara black shirt (my favorite!) with Zara sun hat and Teranova capris, Bata sandals and the Vero moda tote.


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You have a banging body! :D Love the floppy hat.

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