Friday, September 25, 2009

What's in the bag?

So, obviously, I carry a lot of crap with me all the time. (And this is WITHOUT all my school stuff.) Anyways, here are some of the things I always have with: wallet (well, duh, right), keys, phone, headphones. Tissues, gum, dental floss, a tiny fork (you never know when you might need a tiny fork..), a snack, Mango sunglasses (my new favorite pair), perfume (Dior Forever and ever, a lovely light fun scent), something to read (I always have something to read, usually it's a book but since I haven't had time to go thru the new(-ish) Elle magazine, it's a glossy this time..), a date book, my favorite Parker pen and the make-up bag.

which holds: H&M make-up brush, Sephora black liquid eye-liner, Mac pink lipstick, Boujours red lipstick, Collistar mascara, Astor delux bronzer, Maybelline superstay silky foundation and a mirror (hidden somewhere?).

**Of course for nights out I leave the mag, date book and sunglasses at home and since it's still the era of the clutch I try to take as little an amount of things with me as I possibly can.

What's in your bag?


Anonymous said...

I also always have a hair brush handy. And if there is room, hair spray :-)
xo Kat

MsVeve said...

Oh yeah!! I always FORGET hair brushes:D and when I go on trip I forget toothbrushes and always have to buy new ones so I have then so many left at home.:D