Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Matriculation Day

My uni matriculation was this morning. Formal dress required. Funny how so many people seemed to be having trouble with that. No, fancy dress does NOT mean in jeans, for goodness sake! I wore a little Zara LBD and black tights and leopard print heels (not too too high yet not that annoying tiny size either, the perfect length actually). Also a tight black cardi (was cold in the morning!) and a black trench. As for jewelry, went with my new Topshop earrings. The ones from the previous post. Sadly do not have a photo from this morning, there just wasn't any time to spare (and I keep thinking it's Friday already!) so just decided to upload this picture instead. It's actually really funny, since it's my promo for Lucky Hazzard and it's hanging in a pub called Ustav* (translation: Asylum) and I had no clue about it but then my brother went to this pub and his friend was like "Hey, isn't that your sister?!".
Hope yall having a good week!

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