Monday, September 7, 2009

Crossed off from the list:))

OK, remember my wish list from beginning of last week? Well, today I decided to treat myself to some Zara fun. And the item, which had been on the top of my Lusting-after, is now in my possession! The fake-fur vest! Yeay! Also bought two hats (I absolutely hate hats - mainly because I have always had bad luck with hats, never finding one that actually looks good - until today! My luck has changed:)),one grey and the other black, two huuuge shawls (red and light grey) and a warm coat.. So, Mr. Winter? I'm ready for you! Well, come to think of it, still need some mittens..

The first three pictures are from Saturday night, when I was on the way home from Ujezd. This trip home is what motivated me to go shopping, it was so bloody cold! You wouldn't believe.. Anyways, pictures are of The Prague castle and the National Theatre. You can also see a bit of the CHarles bridge.. Even thou it's cold, Prague is still rather lovely, isn't it?

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MsVeve said...

Update: also bought a fake fur collar! Amazing! So loving fake fur at the moment. Not only is it very chic but also very warm! And since no poor little animals had to die because of it, it's an all round victory!