Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One about the holidays..

My week began in a rather lovely way, a day off to be exact. And then there was the down side, the Tuesday back to school. (Yes, that would be today. Ehm.) So little time, so many boring lessons:). So I'm daydreaming a bit about the w/e past and about all the lovely things to come. Anyways you're prolly gonna be surprised but I'm in a holiday mood, the Christmas spirit has gotten to me, yes, this early on.. I always think about the winter holidays during the end of September/ start of October but then when everyone else catches on, I'll move on to daydreams of the summer:))

Any ideas about Christmas gifts? What would you like to get? And what's ur fave thing about the holidays?

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MsVeve said...

Click on card and Rudolf's nose lights up!:))