Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lusting after Vol.7

Lusting after for A/W 09: fake fur vest or evening coat. I have a leopardprint fake fur petite coat but it's short furred and I want to go out full throttle this season. And for it to be really warm as well. Pictured about is the Tory Burch A/W 09. Another big item on my list is a crazy coloured coat. Bright pink baby. I'm not liking the shape of the one pictured above (Tommy Hilfiger) but the colour is amazing! I'm also on the look-out for a solf elegant brown leather jacket. The Isaac Mizrahi one would actually be perfect. And loving that lipstick as well! And those of you, who have been on this site before (or on my facebook notes), will not find it as a shock that, yup, still searching for those perfect boots. Totally a repeat phenomenon every winter yet in no way simpler. Huh, will just have to put in another trip to Zara:))


Anonymous said...

loving that pink "jackie" jacket. i am in such a kennedy mood it is not even funny!

MsVeve said...