Wednesday, September 23, 2009

To the end of the Earth and back..


As promised some more photos from the photoshoot with Petr Suchomel. Wearing one of the oldest items from my closet, my leather Zara jacket. I remember the thrill it was to buy it, had been looking for that perfect leather jacket for ages and then suddenly we came across it by sheer chance, as if it had been fate. Also took my new fave shoes for a walk to the end of the Earth and back, and I'll tell you one thing, these boots weren't made for walking. Nahh, actually I think they'll get more comfy give or take a couple more wears.. but they still need some time. No matter, you have to agree that they're pretty sweet, right? Topshop, what can I say?:) Rest of the outfit consists of DIY shredded tee (best thing about DIY is that the outcome is all up to you. I went for a cute little odd pattern..) and Zara fake leather pants I got from my best friend (thank you sweetie! Love ya!). Oh and just a brief mention of the last picture. How rad is that part animation? I love it to bits! It's almost comic-book-ish/superhero style. Just needs a cape or something!

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MsVeve said...

Some more photoshoots planned for this w/e. Will try to work on the comic theme:))