Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The more you have, the more you need:)

Typical, isn't it? You'd think after all the shopping I had done lately, the beast would be set to rest for at least a little while. But alas noooo. I want more, I need more! So although my bank account is in a state of shock at the moment and is nervously waiting for pay day, I am still looking for a couple of things to cross off my list e.g. a good book to purchase. I want something to enjoy during this last week before uni starts. Was gonna go with Kathy Reichs's Deja Dead but the store didn't have it (there's basically only one huge book store in Prague where you can get books in English, there's millions where I could prolly get it in Czech but if I have a choice, I prefer to read teh originals..). Also am craving some new jewelry to play around with. Re-watching Bones at the mo so am very inspired by Tempe's style, her earrings in particular. Also need some thick tights for autumn and some hair pins. Anyways, almost late for a coffee date, so gotta run!

*picture found on Starbucks and Jane Austin blog

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