Saturday, September 12, 2009

What's Hot and What's Not.

When he writes you a message cause he's obviously thinking about you, yet keeps his distance. Never too much!

He wants you and it's sexy.

When he's kinda drunk but never nasty. Or too annoying. (Ugh, what turn offs!)

When he's a good kisser (duh!).

Curly hair. Beautiful curly hair, not Bozo the clown.

Now these are obvious (thou sadly men in Prague seem to sometimes forget): good clothes, clean.

Flowers. I don't trust a girl who doesn't like flowers. Hell, they can be hand picked daisies for all I care, it's the thought that counts.

Letters. Long, handwritten, old-fashioned love letters.

When he presses against you in that crowded club. Pushing you lightly against the wall. There's really no place you'd rather be and it's just you and him. The (rest of the) world fades away and dissapears. Bliss.

The way he smokes his cigarette. Passion.

Good shoes. This is a classic. Get with the program.

The way he looks at you. You're melting. Sigh.

He offers to carry your bag/ your books. Since back at uni (starting Monday!) and actually taking things seriously for a change, have noticed the importance of this almost historical feature of courting. Forget the flowers, just carry all my crap!

Perfect conversation. When you click. He's interested in what you're saying and is rather clever himself. The sex of the words. Hot.

When he's not just another asshole. Can be hard to notice straight away but if you're fooled more than once by the same trick, it may not just be a case of bad luck.

When he doesn't wake you up in the early hours of morning demanding sex, girl needs her beauty sleep. Don't get me wrong, I like morning sex, but I like my coffee first.

When he surprises you. In a good way (not that he's married and has three kids or is just a complete creep or something).

When he looks even better naked than dressed. Now that's a sweet surprise.

When he loves your sense of style. I mean, you know you look good great amazing, but doesn't hurt hearing it again. And again:)

His messages are even better the second time you re-read them. Then you replay the last time you saw him in your head over and over and cannot wait to see him later that night.

The way he smells. Makes your head spin.

When he's rough. Right time, right place kinda thing.

When he claims you cause he's just so smitten. Nothin' wrong with being someone's little girl;)

When he's cute. You think about him and smile. (I'm smiling..)

He's tall. Sorry, but he is. He has to be. End of story.

Okay and the bad? (What HE obviously would NEVER do.)

Kissing you by licking your whole face. Ewwww.

Walks like there's something wrong with him. There probably is.

He's not over is ex. Pl - ease.

Listens to crap music. And makes you listen to it.

He's like a caricature. And you just kinda wish you weren't there.

He's too full of himself. Self love is good but if he looks like he just loves himself, chances are he does..

When he talks about bullshit. And is a bank manager.


Anonymous said...

aaaa!! loove it!! hahaha you're so sweet, funny and, man, bloody right! :D

Anonymous said...

aaaa!! loove it!! hahaha you're so sweet, funny and, man, bloody right! :D

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