Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tips and tricks '09

Trends or whatever I'm totally loving for fall 09':
LBDs - some things never change
Bangs up instead of up-tight straight fringe
Little braids - oh so sweet!
Big belts! (The one I'm wearing is my favorite at the mo..)
Mismatched bangle bracelets..
Original jewelry (earrings and necklace/dress-piece by MsVeve;))

Also (e.g. not pictured): the colour green, wooden details, huge tote bags, comfy warm footwear, tight vs. slouchy, leopard print, wet look leggings, brown tights, boots! Summer dresses and warm sweaters, grey hats, red shawls, light pink. Fake fur!! Geek chic glasses, vests, long cardigans, tweed, tailored sharp-shouldered blazers, leather, cute umberellas, ankle boots, skinny jeans, stripped white tailored trousers, briefcases, jersey dresses. Soft PJs, oversized robes, fluffy slippers, silk. More to come tomorrow, goodnight!

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