Friday, May 1, 2009

How to.. find the right jeans

I've always had such a hard time picking the right pair. There was always something, either too loose or too short. Or the paradox of the good from the front/strange from the back (which to be frank, I just don't understand?!). I hate flared so I won't even go there..

Anyways about a year ago, I stumbled upon the Holy Grail of Jeans, Zara skinnies. They make a particular cut that is just pure heaven for me. Nice, tight and no nonsense. Pure bliss. I've thus solved my eternal problem of "How to find the right jeans".

So what's the most important part? What's the key to jean-happiness? Finding the perfect pair and stocking up! I bought about 10 pairs and every now and then I buy another pair, to keep them fresh.

*pictures from my last shopping trip when I took home yet another pair. Hello sweetheart, welcome home.


Mermaid said...

I have kind of the opposite problem. I'm only 5'1 and I often have to get my jeans hemmed.

MsVeve said...

Getting them shortened is annoying but still easier than when they're too short:)