Thursday, May 28, 2009

Ripped tights.. yay or nay?

With the right outfit I think they can add that extra edge..

cut-off shorts Zara, DIY ripped tights H&M, t-shirt and chain necklace Stradivarius

What about you? Would you wear ripped thights?
..also these are DIY and were already a bit ruined before I finished them off.. but would you ever BUY ripped tights? I dunno..I prolly wouldn't. Because it would seem kinda like a waste, I rather buy nice untouched tights and fuck 'em up myself:))


positively present said...

If you're anything like the Isobel on iCiNG, you are my new idol. :) I just hopped over to your site from iCiNG and I love it! Love the title, love this post, love all of the other posts I've looked at so far. Love it! :)

MsVeve said...

Aww thank you! Yeah, she sounded a bit like me, except for the shoplifting, I got over that during my wild teenage years..

♥ fashion chalet said...

adorable flats :)


Hadley said...

with this outfit they look great. i probably wouldn't buy pre-ripped tights, but would definitely do it myself.

MsVeve said...

ops forgot to mention, the flats are also H&M. and yeah plus it's much more fun doing it DIY;))