Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Just can't get enough..

You know that Depeche Mode song right, well what does it for you? I mean, for me, there are soooo many things I just can't get enough of! To be honest, this is going to be a looong list and even stupid little things, but let's face it when you're hooked, you're hooked.

You know, like I for one am addicted to my phone or the net, or parfume. Daydreaming, talking with my best friend for hours on the phone, themed parties, parties in general, re-reading favorite books over and over again, watching favorite shows, going to the cinema, love at first sight, making lists (haha bet you didn't see that one coming right), I said daydreaming already? Writing things in my calender book, mirrors, gum, nailfailers, showers, taking long walks thru the city, holidays, going to the beach, handbags of every color, shape and size (I guess I could live with just one but that'd be no fun, would it?:)) The perfect dress and the runner up. Those magic moments when people just click, the perfect responses and hour-long kisses, music and dances! Happy go lucky catchy pop songs you find yourself singing along to for no reason, ridiculously high-heeled shoes I buy and then never wear. Make-up and then Johnson's make-up removal quips (what a time saver). My lily necklace I was given at birth and collecting accessories that complete any look to perfection, sunglasses, hair spray, art, fashion and having fun.. And that special someone that the song will be about..

So, what can you just not get enough of??


Jessica said...

my boyfriend, going to the beach, flipflops, parties...

MsVeve said...

going to the beach.. lucky you!! I have to go on holiday to be able to go to the beach:) (ALthou come to think of it, I think I listed that as well.. just can't get enough;))