Thursday, May 21, 2009

Is it love?

How can you tell if the new item in your closet is love or if it was just infatuation at the store? Well, I have a very simple rule.. if you just haaave to wear whatever it is that you bought straight away it usually means love. If you don't wear it right the next day post shopping trip, it may very well lay abandoned in your closet for godknowshowlong.

For instance, yesterday I went on a mini shopping trip inbetween going from work and on the way to the library and I bought this unbelievably lovely handbag I just couldn't leave behind (even thou I was there merely to look around as to not spend any money..), I knew it was love. I was thrown into a world of imagining all the lovely places I'd take my new little friend. I even gave it a nickname ("the festival pouch", yeah, guess where I'm planning on taking it:). Anyways, so there was no hesitation, not for even one moment (althou I did do the manditory quick mental scan if I have any shoes that go with it).

Detail of the handbag.. isn't it so sweet?!

I also bought a silly little bubble mini skirt. To be honest I wasn't too sure about the mini, if it wouldn't fall into the latter catagory. After all, who needs a white bubble mini skirt? Well, I guess I do.. or did anyways, not any more since I now have one..

Me leaving work today.. wearing said handbag and mini.

But alas today I wore both the bag and the skirt, so according to my rule of thumb, it was a good choice! Because let's be honest.. we don't usually regret buying something as to NOT buying something, right? (I once suffered greatly from not buying this one maxidress that sold-out and then never was able to find one quite as nice. It was all very traumatic. I miss that dress. The One That Got Away..)


sarah said...

i always have to wear everything right away!

MsVeve said...

yeah, I'm usually that way too but then there's those shopping trips when you buy a ton of stuff and then some of the things may be forgotten. (Almost happened to a pink Topshop mini I bought not long ago..). Also some things are just hard to wear.. like if it needs a perfect occasion of even for weather purposes..

coffee time! thanks for teh comment sweetie;))

MsVeve said...

aaargh! "the"! my most hated bloody typo!! aaargh!