Monday, May 25, 2009

Hats *on* to summer!

Today's inspiration photos are taken from Elle magazine. These pics just make me wanna pack my bags and get outta here destination holiday. Now my take on the summer hat trend is sadly minus the lemon or the beach (I think I may have forgotten how sand feels like.. I soo cannot wait for my holiday!!), mine was taken on the way home from work. Still thou, one should praise blue skied days in all their glory and today was just lovely.

Hope you're all enjoying your Mondays!! ..and btw hat is from Zara


Rand said...

woooow u look good!!really summery and pretty

MsVeve said...

Aww thank you! It's all the hat thou really, it is PERFECT (well except that it falls off even in the slightest breeze, definetely a "sitting down, suntanning at the beach" hat - not on-my-way-from-work one:))

Anonymous said...

Love all the hats. I'm looking for a stripped one for this summer.

MsVeve said...

I actually saw a stripped one at Zara. You should try there..