Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hired help.

It's considered normal for celebs to have stylists, heck, it's hard to imagine them NOT having one.. But how tempting is it for a "mere mortal" to seek out some hired help? (I've heard about shops abroad having personal shoppers who help you pick out clothes that suit you etc.) I, for one, LOVE shopping and although I love to shop with company I will always value my own opinion higher than anyone else's (Aja? You reading this? You know I'm talking about those sunglasses you hate, right? Well, sorry, I still think they're fabulous.. and will continue to wear them.. albeit not to our rendez-vous because you know, I love ya..) Plus, someone can tell you that you look rad in something, but if you're not feeling it, then there's no point, is there? Cause half of how you look comes from how you think you look.. So, yeah, I'm kinda sceptical about this whole idea.. but what do I know? I've never tried it!

Have you ever tried.. hired help?;)


grace said...

funny reading this post! im suuuuch a solo shopper. even if the person is patient and totally uninvasive, i get like, antsy and annoyed and claustrophobic!

and about the hired help.. not my thing, i think! just because im too much of a control freak. but hey, if you have the means, why not!

MsVeve said...

I soo don't have the means.. I hardly have the means for the shopping itself:))

Must be a tough job thou, come to think of it.. I guess you can tell the person's style by what they came wearing but they can do that on their own already so then it has to your style.. uggh, it's too early to be thinking:)) Still, I don't think I'd mind being a stylist:)))

Anonymous said...


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