Thursday, May 14, 2009

Avon Against Breast Cancer Walk

As I was listing thru next month's Elle magazine, it was brought to my attention that Avon is having its 9th anual Walk Against Breast Cancer. I've known about this project for quite a while but it always slips my mind. Anyways, the walk will be held at 2 o'clock in the afternoon on the 6th of June in the heart of Prague (the walk itself will be 5 km long, it starts from namesti Republiky and leads to the Erpet Golf Centre at Smichov where a band will play and new cosmetics will be presented). Also many Czech celebraties will be supporting this event (such as Ana Geislerova, Tana Vilhelmova, Dara Rolins or Mahulena Bocanova).

So if you happen to be in town, make sure to stop by! The "ticket" costs 300 Kc (which is like 11 Euros), the money is for a good cause and you also get a cute pink t-shirt, which actually is the ticket (men's shirts are white). For more information visit

So what are your thoughts about events like this? Would you be a part of this? Anything of this sort happening in your town?


Jennipher said...

Yes events like this are worth supporting, in my town there's just some charity shops..

MsVeve said...

You know, I'd say that anything and everything counts and I'm a firm believer in that the good people do comes back to them.

There's one particular charity shop that's right next to the place I work and I always bomb them with clothes I'm sick of:)) They must think I've lost all my marbles haha cause it's very "in your face" style! Anyways you've reminded me I haven't been there in a while, I'll make sure to stop by next week, thanks for the tip;)

Anonymous said...

We have a bunch church charities.