Friday, May 22, 2009

All that glitters..

On a dull grey day like today who wouldn't strive for a little sparkle. Something brighter, bigger, better.. I for one am out there looking for that great treasure. Something to make life seem as if cut out of the perfect movie ending, a bit of the "having it all" wistfulness if you will..

Sometimes I tend to forget all the hard work that's involved and the downs that come before the ups, granted. And I know, I know, all that glitters isn't gold, but once in a while, a person does need a dose of some high shine to add a little sun to that rainy sky..

Stella McCartney Palm pendant.. isn't it lush? This one has its very own sun..and a palm tree to boot. Awesome.

Christian Lacroix Triple strand necklace.. I think it's just too cute.. might just chase those clouds away;)

This little Dior Ethnicity Tarnished Gold necklace is quite the show stopper.

Vera Wang makes some rad jewelry.

And finally, this antique 17" gold choker. This one is by all means my favorite.. I LOVE it. The true jewerly equivalent of sunshine/paradise island.. How marvelous would one feel wearing this??

Which one is your favorite?


janey said...

Wowsa!They're all pretty interesting.. I'd go for the third or last one.

Anonymous said...

The Christian Lacroix one. I like simpler accesories. Marley xx